Summer Holiday in Maria Alm

Hike through colourful pastures, breath in mountain air, experience untouched nature, scale mountains, enjoy scenic outlooks, and simply let time stand still. . . That’s summer holiday in Maria Alm at the feet of Hochkönig mountain.

Hochkönig, an emotional peak

Whether you let the mountain gondola smoothly rock you up the mountain, climb it with your own strength on a bike, or stop for a bite at an alpine snack kiosk, you’ll surely arrive at this emotional peak at some point in your holiday in Maria Alm. Live at Sunnsait, right at the feet of the mountains, and experience Salzburger Land at its most beautiful on your next holiday.

From your lodging you can set off straight into the hiking area around the Hochkönig. Whether you’re on holiday for sport, for relaxation, or as a family with children, Maria Alm has a lot to offer in the summer. Every room in your apartment overlooks the mountains. The mountain gondola, which brings you comfortably to the peak, is right on your doorstep.