Pinzgau harvest festival

When the leaves gradually begin to change colour and the province of Salzburg appears in its most magnificent tones, it’s time for the Pinzgauer Harvest Festival, a celebration with much to offer.

Between tradition, custom, and modernity, the numerous events and festivals represent a  special highlight for Pinzgau natives as well as guests. One can join in on the joyful Almabtrieb, the return of the flocks from their pastures in the mountains, celebrate the harvest festival, or attend a thoughtful mountain mass.

A joyful autumn holiday

Fashion shows for traditional dress are an impressive display of Salzburg’s synthesis of modernity and tradition, Around every corner, guest houses and alpine cabins welcome you with their culinary delights. At harvest time, the tables bow under the weight of the region’s most inviting best.

Experience traditional customs in the heart of Salzburger Land between Maria Alm and Mühlback am König!

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